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The CULT Film Series Companion
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Welcome to the Official Website for The CULTSHOW

We are excited you stopped by In case you're new to the world of The CULTSHOW, let's start by telling you what it is we're doing here.

Firstly, we are a webshow and podcast dedicated to the world of 80's movies. We particularly love, love, LOVE 80's horror! However, we enjoy celebrating all genres from this most radical decade. Heck, we'll even talk about music, television and food. Anything that brings us back to that warm, neon glow of the 1980's.


Secondly, we are a companion show to the CULT Film Series - A live screening series held at the Roxy Cinemas 14 in downtown Santa Rosa, CA. We discuss films shown at the CULT Film Series, but have no fear, attendance is not necessary to fully enjoy The CULTSHOW.

Thanks for stopping by. Check out prior shows and learn more about the CULT Film Series by following the page links in the NAV menu above and of course you can find us on the typical social media sites. Thanks!

- CULT Master Neil

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